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There is a time when the inescapable moment arrives, when a married couple realizes they’ve given it all they have, but just can’t stay together.

Then, both spouses wake up and realize that all that is left is trying to figure out how they’re going to divide the houses, the cars, the bank accounts and all the other things they’ve accumulated. In some cases, that’s another wrenching chapter in a very, very long story.

To get the most reliable information, calling a trustworthy Colorado Springs divorce attorney early can help to separate the reality from the myth. When people finally stop listening to the whispers of their friends and relatives, that’s usually when truth surfaces, which sometimes can be much different than people think, but a huge relief to hear nonetheless.

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Family law attorneys may spend most of their time dealing with divorce, child custody and support issues, but parental rights are another area that falls into their domain.  In addition to giving parents physical rights to spend time with a child, parental rights also include the right to decide on the type of education, religion, health care and morals a child should have.  Beyond that, these rights also come with responsibilities, which include providing the children with clothing, food and shelter and all necessary child support, healthcare, etc.

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Marital Separation Agreements Q&A

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Marital separation agreements are a good arrangement for some. Here are some common questions we are asked by our clients.

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4 Things You Can Expect From Your Divorce Attorney & 4 Things Your Divorce Attorney Expects From You

Hiring a divorce attorney to represent you is an important decision that may have ramifications for years to come, especially if you have children. Not only do you want a lawyer who will fight for your rights in a divorce, you want someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Most of the information here is applicable to anyone going through a divorce in any state, however, please be aware if you live in another state than Colorado that the information here about property division and child custody is specific to Colorado and may not apply where you live.

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When a couple with children gets divorced, it is easy to find information on the custody laws in your state, but when unmarried parents go their separate ways, a different set of rules apply. Seeking legal help for a custody issue in a non-divorce case may require the help of a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer

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With so many military installations in and around the area, Colorado Springs divorce attorneys are asked often about how eligibility for a military dependent ID card is affected by divorce. As you may know if you or a family member has ever served in the military, those who serve our country in the armed forces are entitled to a number of privileges that are not available to the public at large.

The right to enjoy some of the privileges earned for their service is shared by the dependents of the service members who are issued their own military dependent ID card. With this ID card, military dependents too can make use of various the facilities and privileges reserved for those who sacrifice so much of their lives in service to our country. I should also note here that National Guard and Reserve member dependent’s benefits might vary depending on whether or not the service member is on active duty.

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Even after many years in my career as a Colorado Springs divorce attorney specializing in child support, I probably should not be, but am still amazed at the lengths that some non-custodial parents will go to avoid paying child support. The major thing I find so disturbing about this ongoing trend is that it reveals the lack of character and responsibility that comes out in some parents when faced with the reality of supporting their kids after a divorce. While not every parent who is not keeping up with their child support payments is intentionally avoiding them, the problem of parents shirking their legal and moral responsibility towards their children needs to be addressed.

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Before you can dissolve a marriage in the state of Colorado, all marital property must be divided equitably and legally entered in court as a “property division.”  However, even though Colorado is an “equitable distribution” state, many couples are unclear on what is considered “marital property.”   Working with an experienced Colorado Springs property division lawyer can eliminate any confusion about this issue.

According to Article 10, Sections 14-20-113 of the Colorado statutes, “marital property” can be “acquired by gift, bequest, devise or descent.”  It can also be property that is acquired in exchange for existing marital property, or even property acquired by a spouse after a decree of legal separation.  Even if a couple has a prenuptial agreement, there may still be some marital property that was intentionally excluded from that agreement.  A Colorado Springs property division lawyer will help you take inventory of all marital assets in advance of any mediation or court appearance. 

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Parental Rights in Colorado

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Each state has their own laws and judicial mandates regarding parental rights. This article is a discussion of Colorado family law as it applies to children or parents residing in the state and also is informative for the military families based in and around our Colorado Springs family law offices. 

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Does it still really exist? I thought that went out with the dawn of automobiles!

These are just a few of the responses people make when they hear that Colorado still does recognize common law marriage. What most people thought was just a relationship caused by a couple living too far up in the mountains to get a justice of the peace a century ago is a very real thing for some people, and can have a drastic effect on property, inheritance, benefits and spousal maintenance.

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