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Saturday, 06 March 2010

Facing a divorce is one of the most traumatic ordeals one can deal with; but if you are facing a grim financial future as well, then you may be wondering how you will support yourself. Unfortunately, even if you have a good job, you may need to adapt your lifestyle and spending habits to a reduced standard of living.  A Colorado Springs divorce attorney can help you determine whether you are entitled to receive spousal support, and will help you claim the amount of support you deserve. 


Spousal support, which is also known as spousal maintenance, is intended to assist a spouse who is not able to provide for his or her needs, until they are able to find a significant source of income through employment.  But be aware; just because you believe you need spousal maintenance does not mean you will get it.  Colorado divorce courts will consider many factors, including your standard of living before the marriage and your ex-spouse’s ability to pay before they decide on whether it is appropriate. 

While there is no “standard”, it is much easier to get a court to award spousal support in marriages that lasted twenty years or more.  In cases like these, particularly where one spouse hasn’t worked for many years, a judge may even award lifelong alimony to the lower-income spouse.  However, even this type of support will end if the spouse who is receiving it remarries. 

There are many ways to calculate the approximate amount of spousal support one can expect to receive, but an experienced family lawyer can make the most accurate appraisal of your situation.  Because most family attorneys have seen their fair share of cases like yours, chances are they can help you determine the best course of action as well.  Before you embark on a petition for spousal support or alimony in your divorce case, take the time to meet with a Colorado Springs divorce attorney.

Patricia Marrison is a Family Law attorney in Colorado Springs, CO. and the owner of the Marrison Family Law LLC, Colorado Springs largest Family Law practice.  The Marrison Family Law LLC is devoted to assisting with the difficulties of the breakup of relationships, be it common law marriage, a non-marriage with children, or dissolution with or without children. We attempt to serve the entire spectrum of relationships, from those couples with the simplest, uncontested dissolution to the highly conflicted relationship involving allegations of domestic abuse.

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