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Military Dependent ID Card and Divorce

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
Describes whether spouses get to keep their military dependent ID card when they are divorced from their "sponsor."

The Military Dependent ID Card

It is well known that members of the military are entitled to a number of privileges that are not available to the common person. In order to avail of these benefits, they are issued with a military ID card that can be shown to prove their status. These benefits are also passed down to the dependents of the service members who are issued their own military dependent ID card. With this, they too can make use of various the facilities and privileges.

Issue and Renewal of the ID card

Military dependents need to apply for their ID card via the DD Form 1172, by means of which they present the necessary information for verification. This is the form which links dependents to the military person in question (also known as the sponsor). The form must be accompanied by the relevant documents such as the marriage and birth certificates and adoption papers etc.

The validity of this form expires after 4 years after which the military dependent ID card must be surendered and a new application made. The card must also be surrendered if it is replaced by a new one or if the person holding it becomes ineligible.

Eligibility Criteria

A military dependent ID card can be issued to any "dependent" which includes children below the age of 21 years, or children above 21 and who cannot support themselves (this needs to be proved with documentation) or children between 21 and 23 who are attending an approved educational institution.

Spouses can also be issued military dependent ID cards. They get to keep it in case of death of the sponsor and as long as they don't remarry.

Status of Military Dependent ID Card after divorce

This can get slightly complex. Technically, if the marriage has lasted for over 20 years and if the military member has more than 20 years of service, the spouse is entitled to an ID card of their own. In special cases, spouses are eligible for medical benefits for up to a year after divorce as well.

However, in many cases there are children who live with the former spouse who are eligible for the ID card. In this case, their ID card can be used to avail of the relevant services such as purchases at commissar stores and the like.


To make absolutely sure that your rights are maintained in the case of a military divorce, contact our Marrison Law  attorney's. In case your former spouse attempts to take your military dependent ID card by force, he or she may be guilty of larceny under the relevant articles. Call us for a consultation. 

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