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Family Law Attorney Colorado Springs CO

Marrison Family Law is the largest firm in Colorado Springs dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law.  We provide high quality legal services to families and individuals facing divorce or other family law issues.  We serve Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas with compassionate legal representation built on decades of experience.  We are ready to represent you in numerous areas of family law.  Our attorneys are here to provide you with sound advice, give you a voice, and assist you with complex legal issues during one of the most difficult times of your life.  Legal matters involving the present or future of families are important to us.  Work with the best family law attorney Colorado Springs CO has to offer. 

Our experienced lawyers are compassionate and provide personal attention.  Here at Marrison Family Law we treat each case individually and work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best possible representation.  We work hard to move your case forward.  We listen to you. Our attention to detail allows us to catch small but critical components that other attorneys may miss.  Our firm has been a trusted institution for over a quarter century.  The finest family law attorney Colorado Springs CO has available is at Marrison Family Law. Trust us with your most sensitive legal matters.

The experience, talent and character of our attorneys combined with the highest quality legal work and the teamwork that is a hallmark of our firm provide our clients with grounded and responsive legal counsel.  We will go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are well represented.  Contact the Colorado Springs office of Marrison Family Law to arrange your initial consultation.  Find out what the best family law firm brings to the table. Let us be your voice. Call today.

Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney

If you need real solutions in any family law matter you can trust the competent lawyers at Marrison Family Law to provide high quality, compassionate and experienced representation.   We can help you find answers to a broad range of legal issues from property division, divorce and complex child custody matters to matters involving domestic violence and allegations of abuse.  We also handle adoptions and grandparents’ rights.  Marrison Family Law is ready to deal with any family law situation using our knowledge, skills, background and diligence.

Going through a divorce can be distressing.  You deserve a Colorado Springs family law attorney who is experienced and conscientious.  You can get this by hiring a Colorado Springs family law attorney who does exclusively this type of law.  You need a tough negotiator and a skilled litigator. You need a lawyer who cares about your case.  Marrison Family Law understands divorce proceedings better than any other firm.  We are proud of being known as the leading family law firm in Colorado Springs.

Our lawyers have decades of experience protecting the rights and interests of families and individuals. A Colorado Springs family law attorney from Marrison Family law knows the laws of Colorado and is familiar with the judges and professionals who will be making decisions about your family. We understand that clients want results which is why thousands of people have turned to our family law firm for sound advice, quality service and practical legal help.  We find the right solutions for our clients.

We understand that your proceedings require personal attention.  Our attorneys will keep you informed on all aspects of your case.  We believe in open communication and we will keep you fully apprised of the process, the anticipated next step and what to expect. Our legal fees are  reasonable.  Contact a Colorado Springs family law attorney at Marrison Family Law today for more information regarding our services.


Family Law Attorney Colorado Springs CO

Family Attorney Colorado Springs

Family Law Attorneys in Colorado Springs

Family Law Attorneys Colorado Spring

Family Attorney Colorado Springs

In need of a family attorney in Colorado Springs CO?  When seeking a family lawyer, it is critical to find someone that not only understands the complications you are facing but has a masterful command of Colorado Family Law.  Handling legal issues is never simple and when the situation involves family, emotions can become overwhelming.  These cases require a proper approach from the best family attorney Colorado Springs has to offer.  Don't take the chance to lose what is rightfully yours.

At Marrison Family Law we are committed to helping families and individuals through their family law issues.  We know that there may be numerous reasons individuals and families find themselves in adverse situations that require the assistance of a knowledgeable family law attorney.  Whether through mediation, negotiation or litigation, we provide highly efficient client services to Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.  Start planning for your family's future and protecting your rights from the moment you call the best family attorney Colorado Springs has to offer.

Ending a marriage is a laborious process and every avenue should be explored to ensure fair and equitable distribution.  Similarly, we ensure that child custody matters result in a order which is in the best interest of the children.  Our firm understands the impact that divorce has on a family.  We make it our priority to protect your family's rights and to help you through each step of the process.  Having Marrison Family Law representing you will improve the chances  that your legal matters are handled as expeditiously as possible.

We understand that each client deserves honesty and respect.  Therefore, we will give you advice which will lead to realistic expectations.  When you retain the finest family attorney Colorado Springs has to offer you will be informed of the hard facts of your case.  We believe in being straightforward while maintaining a high level of compassion for our clients and the situation in which they find themselves.  Contact one of our family attorneys today. 

Family Law Attorneys in Colorado Springs

If you're going through a divorce or other complex family law issues you need a trusted and established firm with seasoned attorneys on your side.   At Marrison Family Law our top priority is finding a solution that is right for you.  We have decades of experience helping people in Colorado to work through complex issues such as child custody and visitation rights.  We know how distressing divorces and other related matters can be, which is why our family law attorneys in Colorado Springs strive to empower our clients and to guide them through the complicated legal process.   

The way you handle family law matters can drastically impact your life.  At Marrison Family Law, we understand that whether you are dealing with your finances or your children, there is much at stake.  We are passionate about our commitment to our clients.  We know how important family is to most individuals and our family law attorneys in Colorado Springs have the skills, experience and dedication to make sure your legal matter is properly handled. From the first time we meet we listen carefully to your goals and expectations.  No matter what situation you are dealing with our priority is to help you resolve it promptly so you can move forward into the future.  We recognize that your time and money are valuable.

At Marrison Family Law we understand how intimidating it may be to speak with an attorney regarding your case.  Whether our clients are grappling with child custody issues, facing a divorce or trying to adopt we approach every question and concern with sensitivity and patience.  We go out of our way to cultivate a professional environment in which the client can get the advice needed.  Family law is our passion.  Our office provides quality and cost-effective legal services.  If you are seeking family law attorneys in Colorado Springs we can provide you with results oriented representation.  Contact us today and schedule a consultation. 

Family Law Attorneys Colorado Springs

Marrison Family Law is a family law firm in Colorado Springs with decades of experience in all aspects of domestic relations law.  Although divorce is stressful and emotional, we can craft resolutions through settlement, mediation, arbitration or trial that will minimize hostility.  Our attorneys are well-versed in divorce mediation and negotiation for clients who are looking to dissolve their marriage or to change the terms of a divorce decree whether the issue be modification of maintenance (alimony), custody, child support, parenting time or custody and decision making.

At Marrison Family Law, we consider  family relationships to be at the heart of everything we do.   As the firm of family law attorneys Colorado Springs goes to first, we protect our clients and their families with passion and dedication.  Our attorneys understand that divorce and child custody matters are a defining moment in our clients' lives.  We take an active approach to each case we handle.  We are here to help you complete an efficient and smooth transition to the next stage of your life.

Known as the best family law attorneys Colorado Springs has to offer, we take pride in our ability to litigate to a conclusion successfully when a settlement is not feasible.  From the first conference onward we collect and study information with the intention of going to trial.  However, litigation should be the last recourse and we will make every attempt to set the tone for a favorable outcome. 

It is this professionalism that distinguishes Marrison Family Law from other firms.  We have established a reputation as strong legal advocates thanks to our extensive knowledge of the domestic law and our detailed attention to our clients’ needs.  For additional information about our ability to serve your particular requirements, contact one of the finest family law attorneys Colorado Springs has to offer at Marrison Family Law today.

Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs CO

Home - Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs CO

Here at Marrison Family Law, we understand that divorce can be a painful experience.  We pride ourselves in having the best divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO and place great emphasis on compassion, dignity, and integrity of individuals who are overwhelmed with the emotional and financial issues of family law matters. 

Dissolving a marriage creates challenges that call for creative solutions and a customized approach to meeting your desired outcome.  We focus on understanding your ultimate family goals and we’ll find the best strategy to achieving them.  During emotionally unsettling and stressful situations, you can count on our team of divorce attorneys to bring an air of stability.  By providing personal attention, listening carefully, and focusing on the nuances of each case, we guarantee to be the most assertive advocates.

Marrison Family Law is dedicated to vigorously representing our clients while maintaining the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct.  Whether you are seeking litigation or looking for a settlement, our skilled attorneys are here to lead you through each step of the process.  Our experience and dedication exclusively to family law ensures that you will be represented by the best divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO.

Marrison Family Law will lead you through each step of the way to reach your desired outcome.  If you live in Colorado Springs or the surrounding areas and are considering divorce, our attorneys can help you understand your legal options concerning divorce.  We understand the intricacies of the Colorado Dissolution of Marriage Act and can apply it to your individual situation.  At Marrison Family Law, we also know that this process can be one of the most difficult times of your life.  Let us help you get your life back on track after your divorce. Call our office today to start your case with our divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs CO

Home - Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs CO

Finding the best divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO can be a challenge.  Marrison Family Law practices nothing else.  We are exclusively family lawyers.  We pride ourselves on being able to assist people in getting through one of the most difficult times of their lives, divorce.  We love what we do, and we are here to provide you with experienced and excellent representation.  We understand CO family law like no other.

Divorce and family problems can be very complicated and stressful.  Most of our clients feel anxious about their family, assets, and future.  Marrison Family Law is ready to answer all your questions or concerns and give you peace of mind.  We provide our clients with the opportunity to make well-informed decisions regarding their divorce proceedings, including property division, spousal maintenance or child custody.  With Marrison Family Law on your side, regardless of the facts of your case, you are assured to have the most professional representation. 

Our divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO provide strategic legal counsel to the people of southern Colorado.  We represent individuals and families and will listen to your fears and concerns to be able to provide reliable guidance through this most stressful time.  At Marrison Family Law, we treat each of our clients with dignity and respect and represent them to the best of our ability.  Our superior performance in the courts combined with sincere and compassionate service ensures excellent outcomes. 

Whether you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO to assist in mediation or an attorney who is assertive in the courtroom, we strive to provide you with customized service from our divorce lawyers.  Here at Marrison Family Law, we believe in using an all inclusive approach to each unique case.  Our dedicated team of strategists and courtroom attorneys will provide you with the very best representation in the state of Colorado.  Contact us today to see how we can help you with your family law issue and bring our decades of experience to bear on your case. 

Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs CO

Home - Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs CO

If you are looking for the best divorce lawyer Colorado Springs, CO has to offer, then look no further.  Our divorce attorneys have outstanding credentials and track records, as well as the unique ability to guide our clients through divorce process, its potential outcomes, and the effects it may have on the family.  We are skilled at directing our customers through the complexities of the judicial system.  Because of the diversity and multitude of cases we have been involved with over the years, we are known as one of the best divorce law firms in the Colorado Springs area.  We are committed to guiding our clients through the complicated and confusing process of the dissolution of their marriage.

Divorce and family law deals with some of the most personal matters of your life.  Almost every person we consult with is overwhelmed with anxiety and emotions.  Our divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO care about the outcome of your divorce and the lives that are affected by our work.  We approach each situation with unique understanding and empathy, and we will help you move forward as quickly as possible to ensure you reach the best possible outcome.

Marrison Family Law is dedicated to providing the highest degree of legal representation to each of our clients and helping individuals and families through this painful process.  Our experienced Colorado divorce and family law attorneys work as a single powerful legal unit.  We earned our standing as being the most zealous divorce lawyers in southern Colorado by successfully representing many high net worth clients.  Attorneys in our firm have numerous years of experience practicing divorce and family law in Colorado.  Their reputation for passionate advocacy -- be it outside or inside of the courtroom -- is well known and documented.  Don't make the mistake of selecting the wrong attorney, contact us today to find the best and most competent divorce lawyer Colorado Springs, CO can provide.

Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyers

Home - Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyers

Marrison Family Law is proud to have only experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyers devoted exclusively to family law in southern Colorado.  The first stages of a divorce are difficult and it is almost universal that parties are unable to make the difficult decisions that are necessary to their best interest.  Often parties have a desire to get everything over with quickly and they make hasty decisions.  Marrison Family Law is conscious of the stress divorce proceedings cause and are mindful of the costs which are critical to most clients.  They appreciate that the length of time it may take to finalize the divorce may be frustrating.  They do their best to alleviate these concerns and provide the best representation possible.

Selecting the right divorce attorney is vital to the outcome of the case and its progression from start to finish.  Financial advisors, therapists, and attorneys practicing in other areas are continually referring their clients to Marrison Family Law because they have a strong track record.  Their Colorado Springs divorce lawyers continuously provide honest and efficient services to each of their customers.

The anxiety the parties and families feel during a divorce can be overwhelming.   The fear of starting over, losing their children, their assets, and everything they've worked for can be devastating.  This is why Marrison Family Law divorce attorneys are here to help.  They will handle the daunting and complex court process of a divorce.  They have the unique ability to successfully resolve conflicts between parties and possess strong negotiation skills, wisdom, and integrity that serve their clients well.  Marrison Family Law is committed to providing the highest quality of legal services with the best Colorado Springs divorce lawyers in the most cost-effective manner.  They are one of the most highly regarded law firms in the southern Colorado. Contact them today and let their attorneys take care of you. 


Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs CO

Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs CO

Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Free Consultation

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Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Free Consultation

Do you have questions about divorce in Colorado Springs? Or want do discuss your family law issue?

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Free Consultation

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Marrison Family Law of Colorado Springs values communication with all clients.  We take pride in representing Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding counties and communities.

During the free consultation, we will help you understand dissolution of marriage and assist you in evaluating your options regarding your divorce and all family law situations.

After your Colorado Springs divorce attorney free consultation, it is your decision to proceed with a divorce, we can represent you throughout the process. We will advise you on the legal grounds for divorce, requirements for residency and waiting periods and other important divorce requirements. We will also help you with filing the Colorado divorce petition.We will provide a free case evaluation of your divorce or family law situations.

Don’t get pushed around by other lawyers, the system or an unreasonable ex. We will stand up against injustice and unfairness on your behalf! Time is of the essence when first initiating a divorce.  If you are considering a divorce or believe your spouse is preparing to initiate a divorce, we recommend you speak with an attorney immediately.

The initial consultation and case evaluation is free. Click below now to arrange a call with our staff to obtain your Colorado Springs divorce attorney free consultation.

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The Marrison Team

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Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Searching for the finest divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs? Look no further. We are Colorado Springs largest and most experienced law firm dedicated to only family law.

If you are divorcing, dealing with a custody dispute or any other stressful family law issue, we understand the struggles involved. We know that this is not an easy time for you. Family is important to us, and we understand firsthand how it can be very upsetting when things go wrong. Although a divorce or custody case can be incredibily stressful, it does offer you the opportunity to make positive changes in your life, both for you and for your children. If you want a chance to begin again with your best foot forward, you need the best divorce lawyers in Colorado Springs in your corner. That's where Marrison Family Law comes in. 

You need a family lawyer with expertise and experience. You need a team that will support you throughout the entire process, beginning to end. You need Marrison Family Law. Our team of expert lawyers has a combined experience of over 50 years. As family law attorneys devoted exclusively to the practice of family law in the Pikes Peak region, our results driven firm is adept at issues of divorce, legal separation, paternity, adoptions, spousal maintenance, child custody (parenting rights and responsibilities), visitation, marital property division, settlements and mediation.

We understand your needs. We understand that you want your life back in order. Our divorces lawyers in Colorado Springs will use their experience and expertise to get you the results you need. 

Browse our attorney profiles to learn more about their personal and profssional lives. If you want to begin the process or have more questions, contact our team of experts to learn more, and schedule a free consultation today.


Divorce Lawyers in Colorado Springs


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