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Catherine Ford

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Attorney Catherine Ford

Catherine Ford is a family law attorney at Marrison Family Law in Colorado Springs.

Catherine graduated magna cum laude from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School in January 2018. She earned the certificate of merit in her elder law clinic which focused on family law and estate planning.

With her background in theater arts, Catherine enjoys using her verbal spontaneity and improvisational skills required in the various courtrooms.

Catherine graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, which, with its required mental gymnastics, and a firm foundation in logical principles stretches the mind, perfect preparation for the law.

Catherine has always been involved in the legal field in some fashion or another. She is excited to continue to help clients through the practice of law.

Catherine makes a unique connection to each of her clients and is ready to fight for their rights within the confines of the law. Catherine will tell you how it is and will not sugar coat your case or the law for you. Our clients trust her and appreciate her constant communication, energy, and enthusiasm for each of their cases.

Catherine loves spending time with her son, watching Broncos football, hiking, running, and cooking gourmet meals. Schedule a legal consultation today!

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