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Is the surrender of parental rights allowed in Colorado?

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Every parent will tell you that parenting itself is difficult enough, but it’s even harder to meet the standards of being a good parent.These standards have changed drastically over time as well.Some parents consider voluntarily giving up their parental rights, thinking that it’s best for their child. Other parents are forced to give up parental rights involuntarily, as a result of court proceedings for neglect or abuse, explains Colorado-based family legal counsel Marrison Family Law.

It must be emphasized, however, that voluntary termination of parental rights is not permitted in the state of Colorado except in anadoption, whether it be by both parents upon the birth of a child for whom neither biological parent can provide, or in cases where a stepparent will assume the role of the relinquishing parent. 

Parental rights refer to not only the rights but also the duties of parents such asdecisionmaking on major issues in a child’s life, discipline of the child, support of the child both emotionally and monetarily, residence of the child,managementand control of the child’s property and earnings, medical care, and physical care in general. 

Keep in mind that even if a parent qualifies under Colorado law for one of the few opportunities to relinquish parental rights, that determination is for the Court to decide, and is normally not reversible, absent a new adoption by the relinquishing parent.In other words, once the relinquishment goes through, the parent becomes a stranger to the child with no more rights than your neighbor down the street, adds Marrison Family Law.

Marrison Family Law is also the largest firm in the Colorado Springs area exclusively focused on family law. In 2014, The National Advocates recognized the firm’s owner, Pat Marrison, as part of their Top 100 Lawyers award. More on this renowned legal counsel here.

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