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Can a Spanish Speaking Lawyer Help You Negotiate the Best Divorce Settlement?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

blog-logoIf you are considering a divorce in the state of Colorado, there are several choices to make, but the first one will probably be the selection of an experienced divorce attorney.  However, if your first language is Spanish then it is important to look for a Spanish speaking lawyer.  Working with a Spanish speaking lawyer does not mean the lawyer’s first language is Spanish.  They could speak Spanish fluently as a second language, but they must be able to act as an intermediary (and interpreter, if needed) on your behalf.

Hispanic couples are often underrepresented in matters of custody, child support and divorce.  Unless the judge speaks Spanish, individuals who represent themselves are at a disadvantage in court proceedings.  When it comes to matters of child custody, financial agreements and the division of property, it is very important for the parties to know exactly what is going on. 

In Colorado Springs, there are many law firms that have Spanish speaking attorneys, but if you are looking for an experienced family law attorney who also speaks Spanish, then there is one firm that can help – the Marrison Law firm.  The attorneys at Marrison Law have an intimate knowledge of the Colorado family court system, and can help you in all aspects of divorce.  Call them today for a free consultation and ask for a Spanish speaking lawyer.

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