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Choosing the Best Divorce Attorney in Colorado Springs

Sunday, 24 July 2011

blog-logoGetting a divorce can be so stressful that many people don’t spend the time looking for the right lawyer.  But ask anyone who is battle-scarred by divorce court, having a great attorney is paramount.  Unless you already know a lot of divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs CO, choosing one will be like taking a shot in the dark.  If you are facing a divorce and need a lawyer right away, take a step back and look at your options. 

Remember, the skills of divorce attorney in Colorado Springs CO that you choose could have long term implications on your life and the lives of your children.  Don’t just trust their advertisements or word of mouth; now is the time to do your “due diligence.”

  1. Look for a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs CO whose specialty is divorce.  This might sound elementary, but if you see that he’s also handling estate cases and DUIs, he shouldn’t be your first choice.  A lot of lawyers will call themselves a specialist just to get your business, so be extremely cautious here and ask for proof of their “divorce specialist” status.
  2. Look for an experienced divorce lawyer.  Find out how many years he or she has been practicing, and in which states.  Remember, divorce laws are different in every state.  Was all of this experience gained as a divorce specialist in Colorado?  How much experience do they have in the courtrooms in Colorado Springs?  Someone with a lot of experience as a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs CO will know the judges and their typical procedures, and may advise you when it is in your best interests not to go to court.
  3. Find a lawyer who is good for your particular case.  If you expect there to be a lot of contention in the area of custody, for example, and then try to find a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs CO who is well-versed in that area.  If you have a family business and expect the property division to be especially tedious, then look for a divorce lawyer with a strong financial background.  Working with an established family law firm with expertise in many areas will give you an added advantage.
  4. Of course, the personal qualities of your divorce lawyer are important too.  You and your attorney will need to get along and have an open line of communication.  If you don’t, then the divorce process could be a lot more difficult. 

Using these tips, and taking your time to make the right decision will help you hire the best divorce attorney in Colorado Springs CO.

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