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Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer: The Issues Surrounding Contested Divorce

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

blog-logoNot all divorces are created equal, and no one knows this better than a divorce lawyer.  As a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, I’ve seen many couples battle it out in court over the smallest things, while other couples with more complicated settlements breeze through the process with very little contention.  The “ugly” side of divorce is when one party tries to contest the divorce because they disagree with the terms.  Whenever a petition for divorce is not agreed upon by both parties it is called a contested divorce.


The major issues that usually arise in a contested divorce are child custody and child support, division of property and assets, and allocation of marital debt.  These are all highly emotional issues which would often spiral out of control were it not for the intervention of attorneys, mediators and judges.  Since most of these issues pertain to the division of marital property and the support of minor children, they can often cause undue emotional hardship on the children, as well as anger, fear and resentment between the parties. 

Most attorneys and judges will recommend mediation as a first course of action in a contested divorce.  Mediation is when the couple sits down with a neutral third party, known as a mediator, who is experienced in mediating family law cases. After learning the facts of the case, a mediator can recommend the best strategies for resolving differences, based on their knowledge of the family court system and Colorado divorce laws.  However, if a mediator is unable to bring the parties into agreement, a judge will hear the case in court. 

If you have hit an impasse in mediation and your case is going to court, it is ill-advised to “go it alone” and represent yourself.  Unlike simpler uncontested Colorado divorce cases, if you are involved in a contested divorce you will absolutely need the help of a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer.

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