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What Does a Family Law Lawyer do, and how do I Find a Good One?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

blog-logoWhen most people hear the term “family law lawyer”, it sounds a lot better than “divorce lawyer”, but the truth is, they do much the same thing.  The only difference between a family law “generalist” and a divorce attorney is that a family law lawyer is not a specialist.  He or she most likely practices every form of family law, including child custody, divorce, spousal and child support, adoption, domestic violence, property division and prenuptial agreements.  In short, this lawyer sees families at their best and at their worst. 

Family law encompasses any potential legal problem that may arise throughout the lifetime of a family, much of which is fraught with emotion, disillusionment and frustration.  As a result, the best specialists in family law are lawyers with an even disposition who can fight for their clients’ rights without losing sight of the bigger picture. 

If you are looking for a family law lawyer to help you with a divorce, you will want one who can help you through every phase of it, from the initial filing through the support petitions, child custody and property division.  Most experienced attorneys will know their way around the family court system and be able to give you sound legal advice, but not all of them will have the same attitudes about your situation or the same courtroom “presence”. 

While it may be tempting to hire the first family law lawyer you meet, finding the right one may require some time.  It is only after interviewing a few attorneys and meeting with them personally that you will get a feel for their individual strengths.  When you have done your due diligence, you will be able to move forward with the confidence, knowing you have the right legal representation for your case.

If you are looking for a family law lawyer in Colorado Springs, arrange for a free initial consultation with one of the experienced attorneys at the Marrison Family Law LLC.

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MPatMarrisonFor over a quarter century, we have helped people during what is often the darkest time in their lives. Divorce is not easy even under the best of circumstances. For most people, family is central. Having something go wrong in the family can have a ripple effect that extends beyond the home and into other areas.

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