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Financial Ramifications of a Colorado Divorce

Thursday, 12 November 2009
Explains how a divorce proceeding in Colorado Springs can impact you financially. Lists out some of the unexpected expenses and tries to provide guidance on how to prepare for it in such a way that courtroom fees and other outflows are minimized.

Unexpected Financial Costs of a Colorado Divorce

Before you think of divorce proceedings, it's best to know the worst case scenario as far as costs go. Everyone is aware of the most glaring costs such as child support and spousal maintenance. However, you must keep your eye on other fees that can land you with a huge bill. Some of these fees such as courtroom fees can be prohibitive and depending on the earning capacity of your spouse, you might have to pay the entire amount for them.

Keep in mind that a full fledged divorce proceeding can span several hearing for different aspect of the case. A child custody hearing is separate from a hearing on property division. As far as legal fees go, one party may find himself or herself forced once again to pay for the other spouse based on the ability of the other to pay.

Equitable consideration

An important point to bear in mind is that judges try and be equitable - meaning that all things being equal, they tend to compensate for an imbalance in other areas. Meaning that if a property division seems to be a little off balance and in favor of one party, there's a good chance that the judge will make up for it by ordering the legal fees of the other party to be paid.

Discretion of the Judge

It has frequently been noted that judges look down upon legal tactics that seem to be solely for the purpose of obtaining some benefit to the detriment of the the other party. Judges have a lot of discretionary power over who pays what and in order to get a favorable response from him or her, it's best to play fair.

Sticking to the point with your lawyer

Try and maintain an objective approach with your lawyer. Help your attorney get the relevant facts as and when he or she asks for them. Don't bring in irrelevant or emotional facts that don't have a bearing on the case. Legal fees can run up very quickly and wasting an attorney's time isn't very smart at all.

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