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What it means to voluntarily terminate parental rights?

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

When divorced couples receive parental rights, it also entails parental responsibilities, including providing the children with clothing, food, shelter, education, healthcare, and more. Marrison Family Law has handled numerous cases wherein clients seek to voluntarily relinquish these rights.

Such parents have differing reasons for doing so. An example is the waiving of financial obligations to the children. In this case, of course, family courts will prioritize the welfare and the best interest of the children rather than what is convenient or advantageous for the parents.

Colorado family courts only allow a parent to voluntarily terminate their parental rights in one situation: if it is proven that another party, such as a step-parent, is willing and able to take responsibility for the child through formal adoption. Every state follows its own laws and procedures in determining the conditions whether to agree on voluntary termination of parental rights.

Parents who wish to go through with this process must contemplate about it extensively because of the magnitude of rights they will lose. Consulting or asking for the assistance of a family law expert, such as Marrison Family Law, is essential in coming up with the most appropriate decision.

They would remind clients that some of the rights they would give up are custody or visitation rights. While the parent who receives custody of the child can allow the other parent to visit, the latter will have no legal recourse should the former changed their mind.

Furthermore, relinquishing parental rights means forfeiting any input regarding the child’s education, place of residence, religion, and other life decisions.

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