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Child Abuse Lawyer Recommends – the Best Offense is a Strong Defense

Tuesday, 09 November 2010

blog-logoHave you been falsely accused of child abuse in the state of Colorado?  If so, then there are many important steps that you must take immediately, and finding an experienced Colorado child abuse lawyer is one of them. 

Disproving false allegations of any kind can be very complicated, but whenever one is falsely accused of abusing their own child, things can get ugly very fast.  When this happens in a divorce case, it is not uncommon for the accused parent to seek revenge against the other parent.  Before long, a nasty custody battle has erupted and the children are caught in the middle.  An experienced child abuse lawyer will know how to defuse the situation with as little damage as possible.

A child abuse attorney will likely recommend the “Clean Bill of Health” approach, which is when a parent being accused of abuse brings their child to the pediatrician, along with another responsible adult, and gets a letter from the pediatrician stating that the child has no injury or illness that is consistent with physical abuse.

Taking dated photographs of the child and emailing them to your attorney is another way to keep a time-tracked record of a child’s physical condition. 

The next step is to have the child evaluated by a forensic psychologist who specializes in child abuse allegations, but this may need to be formally requested in court. 

If you’re expecting your ex-spouse to make false allegations of child abuse against you, then it can also be helpful to let an officer of the court know about this before it happens.  Even telling the local police or a child protection agency can add to your credibility, as long as you calmly explain why you are expecting this type of retaliation.  This way, if and when they do get a call, they will have been forewarned. 

Remember, Colorado courts take child abuse very seriously, and if you are found guilty you may be facing supervised visitation or the termination of your parental rights.  A Colorado Springs child abuse lawyer can help you fight false accusations of child abuse in court, as well as giving you meaningful and immediate advice on how to handle the situation.

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