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Colorado Child Support Lawyer: Who pays for health insurance?

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Trying to figure out how Colorado child support is calculated is challenging enough, but when you factor in a court’s decision about who will insure the children, it become even more complex. If you have concerns about the rising cost of healthcare and how this might affect your child support order, a Colorado Springs child support lawyer can assist you. 

blog-logoAccording to Colorado law, the amount paid by each parent toward health insurance is to be “apportioned between the parties.”  This means that the amount of a family health plan’s monthly premium that is attributable to the children will be added to the amount of the child support order.  For the purposes of child support, health insurance can include medical only, or a medical and dental policy, which can be carried by either parent.  However, the parent requesting a child support adjustment due to changes in premium costs must submit proof to the court that the child is insured, as well as proof of the insurance plan cost.

In addition to covering health insurance, child support orders in Colorado also allow for extraordinary medical expenses.  These include co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, prescriptions and uninsured expenses that add up to more than $250 per child within a given year.  These costs can also include orthodontia, physical therapy, vision care, dental treatments or any other medical expense that is reasonably necessary.  Some courts will also include the cost of psychiatric therapy or professional counseling.  Your ex-spouse’s portion of these expenses, above and beyond $250 per child, will be added to the child support order.

If you are a recipient of Colorado child support, it makes sense to stay on top of health care costs by saving receipts throughout the year.  These expenses, along with any increase in health insurance premiums, can be submitted to the court for inclusion in a child support order.  Working with a Colorado Springs child support lawyer will ensure you are receiving the proper amount of support to cover your child’s medical care.

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