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Colorado Springs Child Support Attorney: Finding Deadbeat Parents

Saturday, 12 June 2010

blog-logoIn Colorado, like many other states, child support enforcement is limited to the number of caseworkers vs. the number of cases that need enforcement.  With most of these enforcement units considerably understaffed, it is no wonder that they do very little to find these parents.  If you are trying to locate a deadbeat parent to enforce an existing court order for child support.  Here is why you need a Colorado Springs child support attorney to help you. 

Unfortunately, deadbeat dads and moms often know how to outsmart these officials by moving out of state, working under the table, or hiding their assets under another name.  Surprisingly, many of these non-paying parents are able to enlist their family’s support in covering for their misdeeds, making it even harder to find them using traditional means.


Internet Search Tools for Finding Deadbeat Parents

Many custodial parents decide to take matters into their own hands in searching for a deadbeat dad or mom.  Thanks to the “people search’ tools on the Internet that is now a real possibility.  For a small fee, some of these web sites offer a way to search by Social Security number, which often reveals the subject’s place of employment, assets, and other useful details.

In addition to learning about the assets and employment of deadbeat parents, the Internet offers some other useful tools.  These allow users to investigate a person’s criminal background and driving record or locate them by email address or phone number.  It is also possible to locate people through social media sites like Facebook. 

How Your Attorney Can Help

Finding a deadbeat dad or mom doesn’t need to be an exercise in frustration, but you and your attorney will need to take the lead on making this happen.  Relying solely on your child support enforcement unit is not an effective strategy.   Child support attorneys generally have access to more comprehensive search tools than what is available to the general public.  Working with a Colorado Springs child support attorney will bring their experience and resources to the table, helping you locate and collect from a deadbeat parent.

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