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Use a Colorado Springs Child Support Lawyer to Open a Child Support Case

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

In the state of Colorado, Child Support Enforcement (CSE) is a state agency with local offices.  Many people will file a petition for child support in Colorado without knowing much about the law.  Before filing a petition for court-ordered child support, it makes sense to consult with a Colorado Springs child support lawyer.   An attorney can help you file the appropriate paperwork, calculate support payments, and ensure you are being compensated for everything from general living expenses to healthcare, daycare and extracurricular activities.

blog-logoIf you are living in another state, you should contact the closest CSE office in your state and fill out their application.  Once the order has been established, that state will partner with a CSE office in Colorado to be sure it is enforced on a local level. 

Colorado’s Child Support Guidelines ensure that each parent is paying their fair share of support for minor children.  This is done by first establishing the combined monthly gross income of both parents and determining the total support amount based on what intact families within that income bracket generally spend on their children.  Based on the percentage of the total income, each parent is assigned a percentage of the total support amount. The amount of the non-custodial parent’s share is used to calculate the child support order, but this amount can be increased if the custodial parent is paying for healthcare and childcare.  The non-custodial parent will be responsible for a share of these additional expenses based their share of the combined monthly income. 

A Colorado Springs child support lawyer can do more than just fill out paperwork and represent you in hearings.  Experienced family lawyers also know their way around the court system.  This is particularly helpful if you are facing enforcement issues or when your family situation requires supplemental child support.

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