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How Will New Approaches for “Parenting Time” Affect Your Colorado Springs Divorce?

Thursday, 18 November 2010

blog-logoNot long ago, people just assumed that the mother would prevail in a custody battle when a couple got divorced, and the father would be limited to alternating weekends for visitation, but there is a new way to look at parenting time in your Colorado Springs divorce

Instead of using the same outdated assumption in determining a custody ruling, Colorado family court judges have begun to reevaluate the way parenting time is allocated.  One reason for this is that the court’s original assumptions were based on familial roles that have changed considerably over the years. 

With more women working outside of the home, men are no longer just a “breadwinner”.  Even men who work full time often work out of home offices or have a schedule that is more flexible than their wives’.  As a result, more men share in the role of caretaker, which can change the dynamics of custody decisions in a Colorado Springs divorce. 

In a Colorado Springs divorce, courts make every effort to consider what is in the best interest of the child.  They look at how adjusted the child is to his or her school and home neighborhood, the parent’s ability to encourage a healthy and loving relationship with the other parent, how close the parties live to one another, and the ability of each parent to put the needs of their child ahead of their own.

If you are getting a divorce in Colorado Springs and are worried about how the divorce will affect the lives of your children, then it makes sense to work with an experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer who specializes in child custody.  An attorney will work with you to ensure you are prepared to face the challenges of a custody hearing.

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